Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bus Talk

I had been paying 14 pesos to ride one bus, connect with another for another 14 pesos. Sometimes I noticed passengers handing the bus driver a ticket and the bus driver handing it back, they didn't pay anything. Oddly while surfing for other expat blogs in Uruguay I came across a blog post about riding the bus and that there was a "transbordo" ticket that allowed you to ride on two buses on the same line, but how do I get one? So I asked and found out I had to ask for a transbordo ticket and specify the bus I would be connecting with.

One would say "transbordo con cien cuatro" in my case, which means a transbordo ticket with the 104 bus. I tried it the first time, the guy nodded his head but when I got to my seat I realized it wasn't a transbordo ticket. Since then I have mastered getting the all elusive transbordo ticket, only I guess I'm not rolling my r's good enough and usually the driver or money taker asks "como?" (what?).

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