Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Going to The Airport

I had to go to the airport today before noon, what a trip that was. The entire way is on a 4 lane road divided by basically a bumper strip. At anytime a vehicle could cross over and hit oncoming traffic. I know this is not unique per se' but it just adds to the madness.

Every hundred yards or so pedestrians are jumping out in front of you to cross the road. Some take their chances at the pedestrian crosswalk but here it doesn't make a difference.

Now add big smoke belching buses drifting into our lane the entire way.

Numerous dead dogs.

The occasional slow trishaw that's drifting all over the highway.

The army checkpoints.

Intersections without traffic lights with trucks and buses crossing the highway at will.

Add more pedestrians.

Add our driver who is constantly flashing his high beams and honking his horn every two minutes.

Maintain for one hour.

Yeah, even though I wasn't driving it is a bit overwhelming.

I get to do it again tomorrow!

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