Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Hear The Train A Coming...

So as expected I have gotten pretty much used to the trains, hard not to. What annoys me the most though is the occasional horn blast. I have noticed though that the conductors kindly keep it to a quick blast in the wee morning hours and just a full out assault later on during the day.
And I know why they sound their horn as they approach my apartment, not because it's a good opportunity to annoy the residents but because the train goes around a curve and under the street right after the apartment. Thus alerting anyone (Who shouldn't) be on the tracks around the corner or I can imagine homeless people in the tunnel trying to stay dry.

I have noticed the older the train, the louder they are.

I was watching a video the other day about Sri Lanka and see that there is still a carriage car off the tracks in the southern part of the country. Victim of the tsunami. I see a train that goes by with the same color carriages. Reading some news articles I see the train that was victim of the tsunami was coming from Colombo which makes sense.

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