Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ackward Situation

Slept in a little late and decided to go to the gym at work. As I was walking through the lobby I look at one of the offices and notice that everyone is standing up, hmm, why is that? I walk a little further and notice one of the guards seems to be standing a little straighter, I then notice some people in the hall had stopped. What's going on? Then I heard the music, apparently the Sri Lankan National Anthem.

Well protocol dictates that I wait for the anthem to finish. Well I see people walking through the lobby, so I walk out and look, and the entrance guards are standing and the people in the bank are standing, now what.

The entrance guards smiled and acknowledged me, so I kept walking out. I should have waited.

So I asked my housekeeper just now if this is a daily thing and she said no, but once a month.

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