Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pool Party - NOT!

My boss had a BBQ planned for today at the company pool/party house so being from the beach I think, pool, so pool party. I showed up a bit late wearing my swim trunks, floppy hat and sunglasses expecting everyone to be ready to eat and jump in the pool. To say the least you could hear the proverbial drop when I walked in. Almost all of the women were wearing traditional saree's and the men were business casual. I was stunned and a bit embarrassed to say the least.
I took off my hat, like that would help and grabbed some food.

So I learned a cultural lesson. Sri Lankan's are very conservative people. They are not going to go swimming, especially the women. That and they are not going to go swimming with the boss. Also if it's a lunch with the boss then it's a business affair, not a party. They came, ate, was cordial an left. Some kids played at the playground but didn't even look twice at the pool. Me on the other hand needed a dip in that big pool and thats what I did. My colleague and his wife did end up joining me so I didn't feel so alone.

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