Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't Iron That!

Fridays is pretty much the only day I can meet up with my housekeeper so I try to keep a tally of things to do and not to do, the main subject has been what to iron and what not to iron.

One time when I was talking to her I noticed she was getting ready to iron my jeans, "You don't have to iron these", "Okay sir" she says.

Another Friday I realized she had ironed the bath towels, "You don't have to iron these", "Okay sir" she says.

I put out some clean sheets for her to put on my bed, yeah, she ironed them.

I told her not to iron the bath towels, but not the kitchen hand towels, she ironed them.

I've heard the stories of the butler ironing the newspaper, now I believe it.

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