Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well I have a BlackBerry (BB for now) issued to me again, complete waste of money. It's not that I am so important that I need to be tethered to my email 24/7 and respond at a moments notice.
Fact is there is very little, if nothing I can by just responding to an email from home.
It's not as if I'm not a "Team player" or anything, but a cell phone would do me just as well.

Now I'll admit surfing the net when I am bored is pretty cool, and it makes a nice alarm clock as it does have a setting where the alarm clock won't turn on during weekends.

I've already been brow beat a little for not checking my BB during the weekend from the boss as he sent me something then realizing I hadn't checked my BB he called me. Hint duly noted.

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