Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Food Report

I finally broke down and went to the food court across the street. Maybe around ten vendors to include a Pizza Hut Express. Thought I would start with the first place, Indian food. I got tandoori chicken, naan, mint chutney and a Coke. Total price? $2.90! I don't know how many of you enjoy Indian food but let me tell you this was so good! The mint chutney had a kick to it that surprised me, I loved it. Chicken was delicious and big healthy pieces of naan (Indian bread). So just when I thought that couldn't be beat, I had to partake in Doc's Achilles heal, that would be, ice cream.
I got a nice chocolate sundae for around $1.25, by the size of it, definitely a $4 sundae back home.

I went back to the Indian food stand and told the counter guys that the food was delicious. I plan on going back there many more times!

I'm worried that I'm going to gain all sorts of weight because of the food. Of course I can always exercise.

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