Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last Night In Uruguay

It's my last night here in Uruguay. The bags are packed, well almost packed, I am doing some laundry. Cashed in all of my pesos for those funny all green bills. I put my Out of Office reply on at work although I plan on going in for a few, returm my BlackBerry and say my goodbyes. Then I have to come home and wash the sheets and towels that came with the "Welcome Kit".

On a good note I found out my Business Class upgrade request came through. Because we use American Airlines so much they provide upgrade coupons to my employer and they dole them out as they see fit, but for the most part nobody ever seems to get to use them. I wasn't expecting it to come through but I was blessed.

I'll post a few updates while I am home in the USA. If I get a wifi connection maybe an update at an airport.

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