Saturday, June 20, 2009

Packed Up

Over the course of the past three days the sound of packing tape ragging across boxes has been the sound that was heard in my apartment. Moving boxes filled every corner ready to go down the elevator as the king sized bed went over the balcony, much like the way it came up.

These guys do a great job and they are so familiar with doing moves with my employer they already know what goes and what stays pretty much. Fortunately one of them spoke decent English otherwise it may have been a little difficult.

We learned valuable lessons from our previous pack out and also from people at work. This time we didn't get rid of as much dry goods or for that matter unopened non=perishable food stuffs. What did we do? Put them in our coolers! The packers don't care whats in the coolers, they are just going to wrap them and put them in boxes.

Overall the haredest part is just making sure that you don't leave to much behind as you can mail things along but ideally you don't want to. You have to figure that you get to check in 2 bags for travel (3 for business class) so you need your bags packed before they start packing as well.

Now the clean up begins, some fun!

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