Friday, June 26, 2009

No Money For You!

I went to the mall to get some cash from the ATM, or so I thought. I went to every ATM in the mall, they were all out of cash.

There are 2 ATM's by a bank. I was trying to get cash out but it was repeating in a woman's voice with a Brit accent that it was out of order. The girl trying the other ATM next to me said something about it not working and left. I thought it was just mine, so I went to the other one and displayed on the screen was "Would you like to make another transaction", and I realized she hadn't cancelled out her sesssion, I pressed "No" and out comes her card! I look all over for her and don't see her. I took the card next door to the bank and after finding someone who spoke English (And even then still had problems explaining the situation) was able to hand the card over to someone with the bank.

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