Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't Throw Anything Away

That's what the lady cleaning my apartment told me before she started. I put a small box together with things we couldn't take, mostly food and some odds and ends and told her she could have that.
Well there was an old bed sheet and a bathrobe that we meant to use as rags but never did, so I told her that I was throwing it away as the material was not good for rags and she told me "Don't throw anything away, you might think it's junk, but somebody here can do something with it". I'm glad I heard that from her. We American's are in such a throw everything away mindset.

We were taking something to the trash, an old plastic bin that was a planter, it was breaking apart and it was junk. As we approached the dumpster she said "Let me make sure that nobody is sleeping in there". That wasn't a joke, it's cold and someone could have been sleeping in it.

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