Sunday, May 10, 2009


I don't know why, but I was just thinking about my coffee drinking throughout the years. Never was a coffee drinker until, the Marines. Okinawa, Japan 1985. Had to wake up early in the morning to turn on the radios and stay up the rest of the day, I was introduced to Maxwell House, black.

Big gap here, can't really recall my coffee's during this time.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 1999. Turkish coffee, little cups of strong brew with residue at the bottom. Seemed there was a reason to boil some coffee and talk, whenever.

Baghdad, Iraq, 2005. Starbucks sent from friends and family made in a pot in the office. The coffee in the big coffee urns at the chow hall was always weak and I didn't like it.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2006. Starbucks again. There was a Starbucks at every corner and I usually bought a bad and made some in my villa.

Montevideo, Uruguay 2007 to present. Bahia familiar, expresso ground. This is an excellant Brazilian coffee we buy at the grocery store. 225 pesos per kilo, we buy a half kilo, about 6USD.

Now I have had coffee all over the world, and you would think I can tell you my favorite and oddly it's not even hot coffee, it's a Vietnamese creation called cafe su da (sp?). It's sweetend condense milk added to strong coffee on ice. Wow! What a zing!

What is your favorite coffee?

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