Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bad hair day

Doc Meyer
Today was my day for getting a haircut at my usual place, a small salon 2 blocks from my apartment. I go there and to my disappointment the windows and doors were shuddered up and the hanging sign removed. I need not explain what happened.

Later on today I decided to go try another nearby salon. I go inside and run into a colleague from work, she asks if they could slide me in but they were booked up. She speaks Spanish and said she would accompany me to the other salon a few blocks up the road.

We go there and they can slide me in, they also had someone who spoke English. I bid my colleague goodbye and spoke to stylist, explained I wanted it short on the sides with a clipper "No problem" he says and explains this to another stylist.

I am directed to a seat and sit down. With little fanfare the stylist grabs a clipper and proceeds to whack the side of my head down to about a 1/4", I'm a little disturbed but nothing I can do about it now, he asks if it was okay for the back and I'm thinking I don't want a mullet!

He cuts the back and then all of a sudden he drags the clipper along the top of my head, right down to a 1/4"! My eyes just about popped out of my head.

The English speaking stylist asked me if it was okay, I told him no, he said "You asked for a short haircut", I said "Yes, but not this short".

Eventually the torture session was over, I paid twice what I paid the other place, for a terrible cut, and here is a terrible picture to go along with it.

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Carol Hargis said...

well, the good news is, it'll grow and you can avoid the lens end of a camera for a few weeks...