Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nice day for a walk

It was a beautiful day for a walk, and a walk is what I did. I again took the long walk to Mercado del Puerto and still have no idea how far that is. This time I stopped at the Museo de Carnival (Carnival museum), 50 pesos, kind of surprised me as there really wasn't much to see and nothing in English.

There were to big cruise ships in port and tourists everywhere.

As I was waiting for a bus at Ciudad de Vieja I noticed a young couple that were obviously tourists trying to figure out the bus schedule. I asked them where they were going, Carrasco, don't know why, not much to see. Anyway, the bus they needed didn't stop at the bus stop we were at and I pointed them in the right direction.

Most bus stops have metal signs with the numbers of the busses that stop there, if the signs are there at all. Others have plastic signs but almost all of them have the bus numbers pealed off or missing.

I was going to walk home and as I was walking down a side street that went towards the rambla I saw a bus stopping that went to my neighborhood so I jumped on and rode home.

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