Saturday, January 31, 2009

A nice place or two

I found some really neat places today. One I've known about the other I
stumbled upon. The one I stumbled upon was a concrete jeddy that
extended out to some big boulders. I walked out to the end, it was
windy and the waves were crashing all about. Very peaceful, nice views
of the sailboats and ships.
I'll try to pull up a Google maps photo.

The other place is near my home at the engineering school parking lot.
There is a very short wall, well more of a bench. Nice view of the
beach and sunset. I sat down just in time to watch a big cruise ship
pull out of port, probably on it's way to Buenos Aires.

I also went to the Saturday ferria (Open market). There was some people
dressed in native Indian outfits doing traditional native Indian
dances. They were also selling CD's of the music which is probably how
they make their livelihood. My best guess if that they were Peruvian.

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