Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Return To Uruguay

Whats my job? That was my first question when I got to my office, I
didn't know where to start! These computer things look familiar,
probably something to do with that. I'm back in the swing of things,
putting some of the stuff I learned at school to use, for once, LOL!

The weather has been cool, but not overly cold. Today was in the 70's.
Went to the mall to go grocery shopping, a Burger King opened at the
food court. A Whopper meal is 120 pesos, about $6.30USD, really wanted
one but passed. Prices at the grocery store have gone up a little, my
favorite Granny Smith apples have gone up from around 32 pesos per kilo
to 44 pesos, still less expensive than the U.S.

Got a haircut, that went up to, from 100 pesos to 120, still less
expensive than the U.S., same price as a BK Whopper meal : )

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