Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seventysix trombones in the big parade

Well maybe not that many. I walked to the rambla last night to see the
fireworks, which pretty much is Noche de las luces. The crowds were big
and migrating towards Poictos, but some people just grabbing some lawn
and settling in. The sound of sirens, could it be the start of the
parade? People get up and walk to the street and wait, no it's just
police motorcycles escorting an ambulance, but why go sit down, maybe
the parade will start soon. Minutes go by and more sirens, could this
be it? Here comes a police on a motorcycle, then a Coca Cola delivery
truck with a big Feliz Navidad ad the side with Papa Noel drinking Coca
Cola, then comes a large truck with people dressed as elves and Papa
Noel waving, then two more large trucks with platforms and large
speakers, one would think that there would have been entertainers, but
no, just empty platforms, then came the Channel 11 news truck.

Fortunately the fireworks were very nice, it was very windy and some of
the fireworks flew very close where I was. I brought my binoculars so I
could see the fireworks close up.

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