Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Magic cat

As I'm getting ready to go to bed I do a cursory look around the bedroom
for any cats and I shut the door. The bedroom door squeaks a bit along
the frame when you shut it or open it when it's shut. I lie down, pick
up my book and look down and there's Tawny. Strange, but I guess I
missed her. Picked her up opened the door "squeak", put her out, shut
the door "squeak". Get in bed, pick up my paperback and look down and
there's Tawny! I felt goosebumps, I actually questioned my sanity for a
second. I picked her up, opened the door "squeak", put her and shut the
door "squeak". I told myself, I definitely closed the door, I did hear
it squeak.
Got in bed, picked up my book and looked down and there's Tawny! Now,
I'm really freaking out, whats going on? To which I finally realized
there had to be a logical explanation, oh like the sliding glass door
was open! Every time I put her out she went to the living room, went
through that sliding glass door, and back to the bedroom. Usually when
I have the bedroom door open I hear street noise and shut it, but last
night nothing.

Magic cat indeed!

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