Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween at work

I forgot to mention what it was like yesterday at work. There is a
contest for the best decorated office door/hallway, the winner gets a
pizza party. Well the same section that had one last year went for the
gold this year and all of the other sections just gave up! I have to
admit they had quite the elaborate spooky hallway going on, complete
with electric chair and a pumpkin attached to a rope that slid across
the atrium.

I know what your asking, electric chair? I had to see and try it for
myself. They had a typical wooden chair with aluminum foil on the seat
and cloth wrapped around the legs. They also had the lid for the head
complete with elastic band to go under your chin. When the "warden"
gave the sign the switch was thrown and the chair vibrated, enough to
make you jump! But I didn't, LOL. I think they may have had an
electric sander attached to one of the chair legs.

Sorry no photos : (

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