Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Good Night Then A Bad Night

So I took the bus out to the church last night for an event that is
somewhat sponsored by church, I say somewhat sponsored as it is mostly
something that the associate pastor took upon himself, it's called el
living . The best that I can explain is it that it
is a get together with music and food and talk about spiritual topics,
but not to heavy and not to churchy. It was a good night, it was
running late though and by the time things were wrapping up it was after

Now the neighborhood the church resides in is a nice neighborhood, but
it has it's problems, mostly house break ins and people getting robbed
at knife point.
I was a bit concerned about waiting at the bus stop by myself, but
apparently there was a girl who also was going, but as it turns out had
a ride. Another thing is that the buses don't run as frequent late at
night and sure enough I found out my regular bus had stopped service and
I would have to take another bus.

Not such a big deal except I don't know where the new bus will take me
or if I will be able to find another bus to get me closer to my home.

I went to the bus stop and after about a 10 minute wait or so the bus
arrived, it was a nice bus, like a tour bus, very comfortable seats.
The good thing I realized was that it was making few stops and heading
towards my neighborhood, this was good. Unfortunately I didn't get off
at the right stop, and out of pure frustration ride the bus to it's last
stop at the end of the city.

Now what to do? I wait at a bus stop for awhile and none of the buses
seem to be going to my neighborhood. To make a long story short, I just
got any bus, the driver dropped me off at another bus stop where a bus
took me exactly where I needed to go.

In the end a 1 hour bus trip ended up taking 2 hours!

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