Saturday, October 25, 2008

Church Party

Just returned from a church party, they are celebrating 30 years as a
church at their new location. It was pretty neat as they had opened a
time capsule that was 50 years old, it contained items from the era as
expected. Today the church put out a display showing how the church had
changed throughout the century as it goes back to 1892 but joined with
another church in 1976, the new building was dedicated in 1978.

On display was toys through the era, to include a 77 year old teddy
bear. The lady who owned it told me a fascinating story about it, from
the time her grandmother gave it to her when she was 2 to the time
American Airlines had lost the suitcase it was in on a flight to the USA
(Her second since being in Montevideo) but turned up the day she was

All in all it was a good time. I cheated on the way up taking a taxi to
my bus stop, but on the way back took the connecting bus. It was funny
as at one of the bus stops two girls from church got on the bus,
although I had left before them, they had caught a ride to the bus stop
from someone at church.

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