Friday, September 5, 2008

My Mothers Morning Walk

Speaking of walks, when I was home I joined my Mom during her morning
walk. Now being a former Marine you would think that I'd have no
problem with a 0530 walk in the morning on the beach, but was I wrong!
I was surprised at how many people were up that early in the morning
also going for a walk, and everyone was very friendly.

My Mom put a twist to the beach walk, where I thought she would walk on
the wet hard sand, she prefers the soft sand! I don't know how many
blocks she walks till she is back to the pavement but it seemed to go on
forever! My wife who is in better shape than I am took it all in
stride, I think she barely broke a sweat.

Her neighborhood has changed so much. All of the old beach cottages
have been torn down and some contemporary behemoth replaced it or they
have been remodeled so much there is nothing left of it's original
informal beach design to them.

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