Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beautiful Day In The Park

Very nice day today, low 60's and sunny. Went to the Sunday feria at
Parque Rodo which is near my apartment. I like to go to the hambueguesa
stands (Roach coach) and get a burger con queso for about 30 pesos and a
drink and watch the street actors, be it musicians or in the case today
a young couple doing gymnastic dancing and such, very entertaining.
Afterwards I like to get some hot candied peanuts and walk to the beach
then back to the apartment.

Funny thing about the gymnastics couple, after the show the young man
went around with a bad for donations and kids and adults alike were
dropping coins in the bag, occasionally someone would drop a 20 peso
bill in the bag (Around $1 USD) and he would take it out and make a big
deal about it and everyone would clap and I thought, wow, people in the
U.S. merely sit on the sidewalk and stick out a paper cup and make more
than that. I know they couldn't have hardly made more than a few
dollars, I felt bad that I didn't have more pesos to give them.

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