Sunday, June 29, 2008

Traveling blues

Chris had a flight last night leaving at 9:00PM. I scheduled a driver
to pick her up at 6:30, arrive at the airport at 7:00PM or so, plenty of
wiggle room for a direct flight to the States. There was some fog last
night and we both wondered about it delaying her flight but decided that
it wouldn't be a problem. She calls me not soon after she arrived and
told me that now the flight wouldn't be leaving until 2:00AM, not only
that they would now have to rebook her from Miami to Dallas/Fort Worth
to Norfolk at a great delay. She wasn't a happy camper. I felt sorry
that she had such a long layover here at our little airport.
1:00AM rolls around and she calls me, the flight has been canceled! She
was coming home with a family that I work with and make the apartment
ready. They arrive around an hour later and the couches and spare
bedroom are full of sleeping heads. Wake up time 6:00 for taxis to pick
up everyone at 6:30 or so. This morning Chris asked what I was going to
do when she left, I said go back to sleep, she said you better not (She
thought it was Monday). She has since arrived at the airport, and
called. She now has a flight, but also a 8 hour layover at Dallas/Fort
Worth (yee haw). The ticket agent told her every flight is booked solid.

I get to go though all of this in a few weeks here...

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Anonymous said...

Our "Montevideo snowstorm" looks really pretty, but not to airline travelers! Hope this fog clears up before August 14 when Matt and I depart! Larry B. sent me an email and said he stayed at the airport . . . he should have come with the others to your place!

Enjoy your nap today!