Monday, June 30, 2008

Traveling Blues Part Deux

I thought I took the prize for most horrific traveling stories,
especially coming in and out (Mostly out) of Baghdad, but alas, I
relinquish my crown and now hand Chris the tiara of most miserable
traveler. She got out of Montevideo with no problems, albeit with a
lack of sleep. She called to tell me that she had been rerouted to
Dallas/Fort Worth instead of Atlanta (Switch from AA to Delta) then to
Norfolk with a 8 hour layover! Yikes! She then called me from Miami,
it gets better, there is a layover in St. Paul on the way to Dallas/Fort
Worth, she told me that it was a short layover and she would most likely
not be getting off the plane or so she thought. Yet another phone call
as she boarded the plane, that short layover,,,another 8 hours! I told
her to beg and scream when she got to St.Paul to get her out of there.
Apparently every seat on AA is booked up, summer time, cutting back on
flights, all of that stuff. 3 days traveling from South America to home
in Virginia!

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