Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday blogging

I'm so mad at myself, why? I have really slipped on my blogging
efforts. I kept saying that I would at least try to post one thing in
the morning before I went to work, but haven't done that. Then it was
post something after work, haven't done that. Now, back to doing what I
have done for the past couple of weeks, a few blog posts on Saturday. I
need a kick in the pants to get more blog posts out!

Computer Success Award

I had reinstalled XP on our home computer using the restore DVD about 3
months ago and was never able to get the microphone to work, which is
pretty important for us as we use Skype. So I tried different
microphones, I tried the front and rear microphone jacks, I tried
updating the drivers, nothing. Everything pointed to the sound card had
failed. Well, I didn't want to invest in a new sound card, but what was
I going to do? I realized the web cam had a built in microphone, was
there a chance that I could make this work? To my surprise yes! How is
that? The web cam wasn't acting as a microphone per se as it was a
sound card. Took some playing with, but it works!

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