Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Tourism Week!

Woo Hoo, another long weekend coming my way, and I have to say thanks
to the tourists! How's that? Well unofficially, but officially this is
Holy Week in probably another South American country, except for Uruguay.

To keep with the politically correct them of our time, this is "tourism
week" or in espanol, semana de turismo.

So after tomorrow I get Thursday and Friday off, cool.

I had yesterday afternoon off and to day was my first full day since our
summer schedule ended. My coworker in turn had today off. Well, come
closing time I have a sign out sheet on my office door, I sign out and
noticed that my coworker had signed out at 5:30 yesterday, I was signing
out at 6:00, then I realized, DOH! I forgot about the summer schedule
being over and I could have left 30 minutes earlier!

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