Friday, March 21, 2008

Churros' y chocolate

Also the name of my year one Spanish class book in high school. I
always wondered about the delightful fried delicacy with chocolate
inside, and here it is decades later still wondering!

There is a small amusement park near our apartment with plenty of churro
stands. Chris mentioned she wanted a churro and I told her I had never
had one, she didn't believe me.

We went to the first churro stand, and that one year of Spanish at
Kempsville High School paid off as I ordered my churro y chocolate : )
It was soooo good!

Chris and I spent the afternoon in the park and decided to go through
the amusement park on our way home, a churro y creme, churro y queso and
a churro y dulce de leche later, we were home!

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