Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another nice weekend and...

Another beautiful weekend here in Uruguay! Nice warm sunny days, wish
it would never end! So I took a trip to the local supermarket and
wouldn't you know it they were still out of our cats favorite food!
I'll make a trip to the pet store, now that I know where it's at : )

Surprise, surprise, I cooked! You heard right! I used cooking utensils
and actually used the oven! I made a pizza, granted the dough was
already made but I did chop up the vegetables, grated the mozzarella
cheese and added the sliced salami. It was really good! Almost as good
as the one Chris and I had made : ) But not as good as a Chi Cho's
pizza from Virginia Beach!

That is good pizza!

When I go back to the States there are some foods I have to eat right away:

1) Slice or two of Chi Cho's pizza
2) Vietnamese Pho soup (I love it!)
3) Some good North Carolina BBQ (Very true when I came back from Saudi,
as there was no pork)
4) Big delicious Korean meal
5) Yes, of course, obviously, Mexican!

Now I'm hungry!

So, I have been thinking about some stuff to blog about, would probably
help if I got it off my mind on onto my keyboard! I'm contemplating
making a podcast : )

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