Friday, February 1, 2008

Google your name and a car story

Ever Google your name and then click on the Images tab?  Could be funny, could be scary :  )
Here is mine -
The second picture is THE worst purchase ever in my life, a BMW 735il (Long wheelbase).  Any other time that would be a pretty cool car big 3.5 liter straight 6 cylinder engine, loaded with goodies...
I flew to New York with Chris to see it and potentially buy it.  The car needed "shocks", so the dealer reduced the price, I felt I got a good deal, bought it and drove it home from New York.
Chris took it to the shop to see what it needed, shocks and struts, guess how much the shocks alone were?
Guess anyone?
$1000 apiece!  I only paid $3900 for the car!  That is not including installation and don't forget it needed struts too!  The shocks were special electronically controlled ones as the car had self levelling suspension.  There was a conversion kit to go to standard shocks, and guess what, the kit was $4000!
So in the end I drove the car twice.
Once from New York to Virginia Beach.  Once from my driveway to the homeless shelter where I walked in with the title and keys and dropped it on the directors desk.
The good thing is I got a very good tax write off in it (Before they changed the laws) and actually it turned out to be a good thing!
I have only a million more car stories to go, we'll talk Porsches next time!   My favorite ride!

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