Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fiesta last night

Went to another roof top party last night at the apartment next door,
this time with a live band. It was really neat as the band really
rocked and they were LOUD! They played some great classic rock covers
to include some Zeppelin, Hendrix and Doors.
The band was composed of a Dad on guitar, son on lead guitar, son on
drums and cousin on bass guitar. At the end of the second set the bass
player and lead guitar swapped instruments and man oh man did the cousin
just wail on some Santana!
They sung some of the songs in Spanish which was kind of funny listening
to Free's "All right now" in Spanish (Hint: "Now your trying to trick
me in love! - 'Rock scream here')
No photos but maybe I can get some later.

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