Friday, February 15, 2008

Cat tales

Tawny, our 3 pound one kitten wrecking machine! She only knows one
speed, spastic! Only knows one place to be, wherever I am! And to add
to that she gets into everything.

I can actually see the transformation in the apartment each day after
our housekeeper cleans up to all the stuff Tawny manages to get into!

This morning I was getting ready to go to work and I go into the
kitchen, water all over the floor! See we have a self waterer for the
cats. Tawny and Cricket tend to put their paws in the water
occasionally and move the waterer, spilling water so Chris put some non
slip padding under it. I guess it didn't work as Tawny managed to drag
it into the middle of the kitchen along with spilling water everywhere.
The other day I hear this annoying sound, I thought it was coming from
outside so I walk to the balcony as the sound stops, look outside
nothing. Go back to the office and the sound starts up again, walk
around the apartment as the sound stops again, nothing. Then just on a
hunch I open the guest bathroom, there's Tawny batting around an old
snail shell (See note) in a sink. The snail shell was in a glass
container with pebbles (Hard to describe how annoying that sound really

Fast forward to that night...CRASH! I wake up and thought, did I just
dream that? Sure, that was a dream because I'm dreaming, then I
realized, no, your awake, your eyes are just closed! I decided, maybe
it was just a dream. Next morning I'm getting ready for work and
thought about the crash, I knew where to head, guest bathroom. Sure
enough, glass jar tipped over, pebbles everywhere (Spill a jar of
pebbles onto a marble floor, it will wake you up!).

Hey, where is Chris in all of this? She's in the estados unidos (The

Note: Chris collected the pebbles and snail shells in Croatia. Funny
story as when she got it back to the U.S.A and brought them home, the
next morning she screamed when she saw snails crawling outside the jar!
She thought (As did I) they were empty shells : )

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