Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Get to know "Doc" - Part 2

"Doc" The Marine Corps Drill Instructor, just like "Full Metal Jacket"?  Well not exactly.  But yes, mild mannered "Doc" was a Marine Corps Drill Instructor.
Both the most rewarding job in my life and yet the most difficult. 

The time was 1994-1996, the place, Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina (Yes, 2 p's in Parris).  If you visit the Drill Instructor school there you will see me in the class picture for DI class 4-94.

The most difficult part of becoming a DI is the school, mentally and physically grueling.  Sometimes I can hardly believe what shape I was in back then!  It wasn't common to go running in "boots and utes" (Camouflage pants + t-shirt or sweatshirt and boots), M-16 rifle and cartridge belt with 2 full canteens and run 3-5 miles.
If that wasn't enough you would get called out to sing chants, you know "C-130 rolling down the strip yada yada" and all of the other favorites.

With the advent of the internet I have been able to find and contact fellow students of my DI class, a DI class instructor and one of the first DI's I worked with, but none of my Marines.

Attached picture is not me, but pretty typical of what it was like :  )

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