Friday, January 4, 2008

Finicky stray cat

"Tawny" our beach cat (Because Chris found her on the beach) is so funny
because although she was stray for who knows how long, she will not even
take a sniff of "human" food, not a bite, not a lick. She'll come
running at the sound of a pouch being opened though! What I don't get
is how a cat that spent who knows how long living on the beach, eating
who knows what, can be so finicky!


SheR. said...

Very pretty feline!
Our cat is total opposite. He loves to watch us eat. He will start licking his lips when he sees a sandwich in our hands! He loves the prsut (Proscuitto) and cheese. He's very fat!!!

Doc_Report said...

That's the way a cat should be! Our old cat was like a dog, in fact we sometimes called her "dog cat" because she would sit by the table and watch us eat, ran to the door when we got home and loved ice cream : )
But Tawny went from stray beach cat to queen of the apartment!
BTW, thanks for reading my blog : )